Free Local Delivery Within 10 Miles Of Eastbourne - See News!


Lockdown 2 News!

Lockdown 2 is underway and that means some changes to how we run. We are offering free delivery to customers within 10 miles of BN21 3BB. To utilise this offer just select in store pick up at checkout and we will deliver to you instead. In the spirit of trying to minimise journeys and activity, we will be posting or delivering twice a week so please bear with us. If the lockdown continues after December 2nd we will increase the frequency of deliveries to make sure people have their gaming supplies in time for Christmas!

We will be delivering new releases on the day of release as much as possible, particularly for those who join us on zoom for online events. We will be playing Commander Legends sealed next weekend, along with Digimon learn to play towards the end of the month and the new Flesh and Blood TCG too. In the meantine join us on twitch for box openings, trying out new boartd games, pack wars and a bit of the usual chit chat and mucking about!. At home we will be spending lockdown training Zebedee the latest arrival to the house, who is a 12 week old golden retriever puppy! We'd also like to say, if you are feeling lonely, down, worried, fed up, isolated or any of the other things so many of us are struggling with right now, please reach out. We're here. We're eating cake, mucking about with puppies, organising magic cards, and we can always chat and/or hang out on zoom. If nothing else, this pandemic has made clear just how much we need each other, so please don't suffer alone. 




Commander Legends Coming Soon!

Commander legends is coming soon! This is the first set of booster packs made specifically for Commander! It can be drafted, or is good for sealed play or just cracking packs for fun.

Due to covid restrictions we cannot draft at the moment and we won't be runni9ng official prereleases in store, but you can still buy 6 packs, get a promo and have some casual games in store, provided youi stick to social distancing, do not mingle with anyone outside of your 6 person pod, wear a mask and sanitise your hands regularly.


For sealed you build a 60 card deck, choiose a lkegendary card as your commander and can have more than one cop[y of a card in your deck. Prerelease weekend is from 13th November, so drop in and see what this intersting new set is like!

Commander Collection Green

Commander is getting alot of new toys this year, including the new Green Collection. This has some very sought after cards and comes in a foil and non foil version. Both are available for preorder on our shop webiste at a very reasonable price. The foil versions are limited to WPN Premium stores only, so we're delighted to be able to offer our playewrs the chance to get hold of this product!

Digimon Early Release Weekend

We have an early presales event for the new Digimon Card game! The game is released in January, but some stores have been allowed to get early access to this game, and we're very excited to be one of them!


We are running 3 sessions, which are open to people either buying or preordering this game from us. We will have decks available to sell, and be learning to play so come along and join the fun from November 27th.


Due to coronavirus restrictions when you arrive in store you will be shown to a seat and asked to stay there and not mix with people outside of the pod you are assigned to. Anyone who doesn't stick to this will be asked to leave, so please only come along  if you are happy to stick to the safety guidelines we have in place. Please wear a mask unless you are exempt, observe the law regarding social; distancing and sanitise your hands regularly.