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    BUSHIDO (6) BUSHIDO (6) Number of Players: 2 Playing Time: 30 Minutes Recommended Ages: 10+ Bushido is a two-player head-to-head board game using a combination of cards and dice. Players will train hard, drafting the techniques they need to win the day. Then they'll pick a weapon to bring to the fight before entering the dojo for a duel to the death. Timing is everything in Bushido and every move counts. Be careful, because all it takes is one bad misstep to bring things to a quick end. Contents: 2 Player Boards 10 Attack Dice 5 Evade Dice 5 Defense Dice 2 Life Dice 31 Technique Cards 12 Weapon Cards 10 Torii/Armor Tokens 16 Rage Tokens 2 Hit Tokens 2 Guard Tokens 4 Lock Tokens
  • Details
    Ages:  10+
    Players: 2
    Time: 30 Minutes
    Year: 2011